It starts with a belief.

We believe in making high quality websites as accessible as possible for every business. In 2023, there’s no reason that so many great businesses are saddled with terrible websites that aren’t helping them grow.

But frankly, there are a lot of problems in our industry. We get it — a lot of people have had bad experiences with web developers. We take over projects all the time that have been abandoned, or even stolen. Too many developers can make a simple project feel like going to a mechanic you don’t know: you don’t really understand what’s happening, and you’re afraid you’ll be taken advantage of.

We don’t like that very much. So we really do focus on educating our clients so they know exactly what they need and what we’re offering, at what cost. And it really doesn’t start with our offering at all. It starts with us getting to know you… we want to know your business: what you do, what makes you special, what your goals and obstacles look like, and what your budget expectations are. The way we see it, if we don’t understand you we can’t make certain we’re building a website that will help you.

So we start with the relationship. And at the end of the day that works out well for us too, because our clients stick around. We’ve had clients who joined us on day 1 and never left. So our mission is really to provide value over the long haul, not just to set you up with a site and wish you good luck.

That’s really it… maybe someday we’ll put all of this into 5 skimmable points, or mission/vision/values statement, but for now we just encourage you to reach out and see if you like working with us. Use the form below to book a call.

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