Web Design Case Studies.

Here are a few of our favorite client projects, covering the main categories we work in.

A clean ecommerce site for a new direct-to-consumer product launch.

We were introduced to the business owner by the video production company who had begun work advertising this new brand pre-launch. The good news was that this gave us a lot of great creative to work with. The bad news? The website had been built in a rush, and wasn’t showing off the brand at all.

Our client was looking for streamlined site to support the launch of his new B2C brand and product. We needed to design and develop a clean, mobile-first site that gave the client as many payment options as possible.

The project started with a temporary site to serve as a placeholder while we built out an outline and got to work on the main site. Once the outline was ready and approved, we set up a staging server and began integrating the key creative we would need.

After multiple photo shoots and a lot of writing, content from the client was finalized, and we went to work integrating it. After finishing up the design and development work, the product launched, and we continue to support it on an as-needed basis.

The result: a happy client and strong initial sales.

An elegant but simple site for a real estate agency.

Our client, an established real estate agency, was hoping to appeal to more selective buyers. They wanted a website that better-positioned them as successful and professional without loosing their local flavor.

We also needed to integrate an IDX through their MLS to allow potential buyers to search for any home and quickly see relevant details. And we wanted to make sure it linked back to our client, and not to the listing agent of that respective property.

Unfortunately, all we had to work with was the old site we were replacing. So we entered a process of discovery, learning more about the client and determining which part of the previous website’s design and content could be kept, and which needed replacement.

That discovery process kicked off the project, and of course we followed it through to launch.

The result: A happy client who reports positive feedback from vendors and others who they didn’t even know visited the site.

It just goes to show you never know who’s learning about you from your website. If you’re in real estate, and would like a site like this, do let us know.

A photo-centric modern site for a local symphony.

A local symphony came to us needing to upgrade an old site to better match the other well-established LA-area orchestras. The site needed to showcase all of their upcoming events, while containing the basic business information they required.

As usual, we started with a highly-personal, face-to-face discovery process and learned that they were increasingly focused on recruiting a younger audience. So our challenge was to show their excellence without appearing stodgy to a young crowd.

To balance this, we let the images stand front-and-center, letting the orchestra’s quality and history speak for itself.

We produced results the board was pleased with, and continue to manage the site to this day.

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