Statement on Prohibited Business Categories

At Asurge, we are proud to view our relationship with each client as a strategic partnership designed to help them grow by providing effective, data-driven digital marketing services. As a bespoke agency, we choose to employ a personal, in-depth, and comprehensive screening and onboarding process for potential clients. Although we may choose not to accept interested potential clients for many reasons, we tend to avoid accepting new businesses due to a few common causes:

  • We recognize that our success as marketers is only possible when serving a client which holds itself to a high standard of excellence, while providing a product or service desired by its market. If a business’s values or standards don’t align with ours, or if we don’t believe we’ll be able to help them succeed due to other factors relating to their product, service, culture, or business plan, we may not be able to serve them effectively.
  • We recognize that our empirical and data-driven approach to marketing isn’t well suited to all types or categories of businesses, and may not match businesses that aren’t equally oriented around a scientific approach.
  • We recognize that promoting our clients through marketing and advertising may publicly associate us with them, so by thoroughly screening potential clients we choose to avoid businesses particularly vulnerable to or affected by controversy or negative publicity.


These reasons are enumerated to help businesses understand if they may be a good fit for us, not to provide every reason we may choose not to work with a business or attempt to justify any choice we may make. When choosing to not to move forward with a business, we do avoid working in any division or service area of that business, or doing any type of work with them, in order to maintain consistency.

Although specific factors unique to each business may be grounds to avoid moving forward, such as a history of scandals or a poor public image, certain types are denied by default unless explicit consent is granted. Refused business types include:


  • Any business in violation of any governing law which holds jurisdiction over it, regardless of how conflicts between those governing laws are normally resolved.
  • Any business employing corporate structures broadly deemed controversial, including multilevel marketing businesses (MLMs).
  • Any business profiting from mature or explicit content, such as adult video production or toy stores.
  • Any business with public statements expressing beliefs concerning; deriving profit from; selling materials or services relating to; or in any way promoting or expressing belief in anything falling under the categories of: religion, spirituality, partisan politics, pseudoscience, or conspiracy theory.