design direction

Here are a few examples of modern web design styles to help clients isolate the visual elements that match them and their business.

All are scrubbed of any info relating to real businesses.

Example Sites:

Healthcare Site

An approachable and personal site that still maintains a professional feel. Focus is on clean, holistic design.

Clean, light, modern
Approachable / accessible
White based, with soft color splashes
Medium information density

Tech Company Site

Showing the casual and creative side of a tech company, while maintaining a professional and modern feel.

Bright, casual, modern
Organic shapes as backgrounds and Image stencils
Off-white grey and blue gradients
Low text volume
Low information density

Law Firm Site

Focused on inspiring trust with a wide variety of audiences. Information is presented clearly yet formally, classy without feeling stuffy or outdated.

Traditional, Classic, Trustworthy
Serif typography
Text over blue-faded images
Gold & Blue for mature feel
Grid-based layout with rectangles

Gym Site

Designed to energize and empower. Focus is on motivating people to sign up. Action images, bright colors, aggressive geometry, and bold fonts come together to energize and focus the viewer on the gym’s benefits.

Fun, Bold, Engaging
Bold background shapes and solids
Stripes and angular section transitions
Image heavy (text over faded image, image clusters beside text, and parallax background images)

Boutique / Artistic Site

Skews young and female, feeling restful, natural, refreshing and organic. Useful for boutiques or fashion / aesthetic oriented sites.

Artistic, modern, sparse
Vintage typography
Flat design, image heavy
Retro-inspired, bohemian
Off-white & sepia tones
Natural, paper & ink feel

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